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Beeswax Waxibag- 3 Pack

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Handmade in Denmark WA.

Simple. Natural. Eco-Friendly.

Waxibags are a versatile and ideal pouch for carrying snacks around. Perfect for holding fruit and veggies in the fridge such as fresh herbs, a bunch of grapes, or a crisp lettuce

Waxibags 3-pack includes:

  • A small (15cm x 15cm) Waxibag is perfect for school lunch boxes, to hold a cookie, or a few fruit pieces, or some carrot sticks.    Or if you are heading out for a walk, why not take some fruit and nuts in a mini bag to pop into your pocket?
  • Two of our medium (20cm x 20cm) Waxibags, each large enough to hold a sandwich, a wrap, cheese and crackers, a bunch of grapes, or other fruit to snack on.


Note- Patterns may vary from image