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heart chakra crystal set

heart chakra crystal set

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This crystal set is designed for unblocking and healing your heart chakra. Associated with matters of love, relationships, and self worth, an open heart chakra receives unconditional love, compassion and joy.

Amazonite soothes the spirits, channelling the depths of the ocean and brings tranquil and peace into the space it inhabits. It provides the freedom to explore and understand your inner self.

Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing and growth. A crystal with a strong association with the heart and projects joy. 

Rhodonite is a powerful stone, and strongly associates with healing compassion, and love.It aids with dealing with matters of the heart by providing calm and balance.

Prehnite known as the stone of healing and unconditional love, prehnite helps release emotional blockages such as sadness, grief and anxiety. 

Aventurine is a soothing crystal, known as the heart healer. It attracts happiness, joy and harmony.

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings and realigns focus to your right pathway. Harnessing the core properties as agate, moss agate also is known to encourage self love and compassion.  

Set your intention to be in alignment with matters of the heart, love and relationships.

intuitively selected, size varies.

comes complete with a jute pouch

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