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Margaret River Made

Margaret River Made Shampoo Bar 80g Boxed

Margaret River Made Shampoo Bar 80g Boxed

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WET, RUB & RINSE…once you go bar you’ll never go back!

To get a good lather going wet hair and rub the bar directly onto your hair & scalp. Rub until you get your desired lather going then put the bar down (please do not waste the bar). Go back to the lather and distribute to get an all over clean then rinse thoroughly. Please make sure that you keep the bar dry to ensure you get the most out of the bar. Our BARS DO NOT GO MUSHIE unless left in water.

We care about the goodness that goes into our Shampoo Bars as we want the best for your hair. They are designed to gently clean your hair while putting goodness back into your hair. Too often shampoo strips away all the good oil in our scalp in the cleaning process. This then leads to dry flaky and often oily hair as the scalp overcompensates for the lack of oil on the scalp and hair follicles. Our Ingredients are gentle on the scalp and hair and our preservative meets ECOCERT standards & is COSMOS Approved. We have to add the preservative to ensure your Shampoo Bar stays free of nasty microbial bacterial growth through contact with air and water.

We always recommend supporting your hair care routine with one of our awesome Conditioner Bars (40+ washes) for that complete hair experience.

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