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Zac White

Zac White Print in Frame A2

Zac White Print in Frame A2

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G’day I’m Zac White!

For those that don’t know I am a Salty, Aussie, Adventure Seeker. I grew up in WA but found an epic passion for Photography and Videography when I moved to Rottnest Island. Here, my friends and I formed a group called The Neverlandboys and were lucky enough to travel around the world for a couple of years, visiting places I could only have ever dreamed of. 

Working with over 30 brands from all over the world, we managed to do this full time and it was a dream come true. I’ve now moved on to pursue solo adventures, leading me to where I am now, still creating content for brands and having as much fun as possible! 

I’ve take the experiences and knowledge from the good times with my mates and applied it to my everyday life today. I’m still searching for new adventures, traveling to new places and documenting every bit of it!

A2 size in a white frame

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